Valerie Gray

Freelance Book Editor
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Over Thirty Years of Book Editing Experience

100% Commitment

For over thirty years, I’ve been helping writers tell their stories—from a young student’s first written words, to a New York Times bestseller, from an author’s debut to someone writing his or her twentieth book. But no matter whom I’m working with, my commitment remains the same:  to help each and every writer develop their best work.

About my Career

I have always been passionate about books and writing and reading, and I’ve been fortunate my career in communication has led me from teaching on the Canadian Prairies, to working in radio and television, to producing films, to editing at Canada’s largest publishing house.

Writing a book
Broadcast microphone


As a young girl growing up on the Canadian prairies I used to wonder what it would be like to be an editor—although back then I wasn’t even sure what an editor did. I just knew that if Jacqueline Onassis worked as an editor, it had to be a pretty great job.

And I was right.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell, And I’d Love to Help You With Yours.

Some Inspiration For You

“Writers live twice.”

Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones, (1986)

Selected Portfolio

Love is murder by Sandra Brown

Love is Murder

You can do it by Jasinda Wilder

You Can Do It

Sugar by Kimberly Stuart


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