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Book editing services

Book Editing Services

Book editing services include such things as manuscript review, line editing, proofreading services, grammar checks, and fact checking. Your needs are as specific as your book and I am committed to ensuring your writing project is the best it can be. Call me and we can decide together which book editing services you need.

The Edit A Book Experience

Whether you’re a debut author on the path to publication, or an established writer, we’ll work together to discover what you need.

Once you begin to work with me you’ll get:

  • Honest, professional, respectful feedback
  • Solutions for those parts of your writing project that “just aren’t working”—and recognition of the areas where you’ve hit it out of the park
  • A strategy for making your book—and your career—strong and successful
  • My commitment to make the editing process time and cost effective
  • A partner who cares as much about your book as you do
Writing new chapter in book

So, What Are The Next Steps?

I’m a firm believer in the value of personal connections. Your editabook experience begins with a conversation—on the phone, in person or on Skype. We’ll have a chance to meet informally to talk about your project and discuss what you need from me as your book editor. We’ll also discuss time frames and costs, and I’ll try to answer all of your questions. There is no charge for this call.

I will provide you with a written summary of the work you want me to do and the timelines needed to make it happen. Like most editors, I am very busy and keeping to the agreed time frames is really important to me. If I say I will deliver something by a certain date you can be guaranteed it will happen.

The work begins.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell, And I’d Love to Help You With Yours. I’l love to hear about your next writing project.

Selected Portfolio

Love is murder by Sandra Brown

Love is Murder

You can do it by Jasinda Wilder

You Can Do It

Sugar by Kimberly Stuart


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